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Chapter 3 - Vryheid, KwaZulu/Natal

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Chapter 4 - The Eastern Cape

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Chapter 5 – Kranskop

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Chapter 6 - The Dunns of KwaZulu/Natal

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Chapter 7 - Levubu, Limpopo Province

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Chapter 8 - Mpumalanga Province

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Chapter 9 - The Limpopo Province

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Chapter 10 - The Western Cape

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Chapter 11 - The Northern Cape

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Chapter 12 - The North West Province

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Chapter 13 - The Province of Gauteng

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Chapter 14 - Blydevooruitzicht No More

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Chapter 15 - The Road to Poverty

Section One: ARC

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Section Two: Municipal Taxes

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Section Three: The Commandos

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Section Four: Namibia

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'The Great South African Land Scandal'

ISBN 0-620-31684-5

January 2004, Legacy Publications 2004

Private Bag X122

Centurion 0046

South Africa

Index of Land Redistribution projects visited in South Africa by research

teams which compiled "The Great South African Land Scandal: "

land restitution projects visited: Amount invested by state funds:


Agricultural and Rural Development Corporation (ARDC) see p126 R516-million budget: 80% spent on personnel

-- 77 community garden projects: 15 abandoned by 2000 p 126

- Venda homeland farming schemes failed

- In 2000 only 20% of its entire tractor fleet was still running

- ARDC responsible for 285 collapsed projects : p127/8 R23,9m in wages for sisal projects (income was only

R1-million thus far)

Babanango cattle farm - now deserted

Boomplaats - p110 R1,2-million 1,276 ha beef cattle

Boomplaats p111 R5-million 2,750 ha pig farm opened by Mandela

Botshabelo p21 R1,75-m 3,000 ha

Botshabelo application for World Heritage site p33 R1-m

Cala peach orchards, p64 R12-m 500 ha

Farmer Field Salem, Grahamstown: R1,1-million 760ha

Eastern Cape Agricultural turnaround plan: R240-million (Thabo Mbeki statement p73)

Elandskloof citrus farm, Cedarberg, Western Cape: p145 R377-million 332,000 ha 600 evicted people during

apartheid given huge citrus estate

-- Sunday Times: August 2002: "Not many of the families have moved back to Elandskloof."

Forlorn Hope, KZN, see Birkenstock, Johan, p42,

Fort Merensky p30

see Barlow, Arthur,

see Botshabelo

Gillemberg Estate, p132 now managed by Bruboer Group ? 420 ha

Groenfontein Ramohlakane land claim p26 " "

Government admits its failure to monitor farm projects: p147

Giyani Mango project R2-million 500 ha

Gwebo, 3 farms: R4-million 4,000 ha

see Kromellenboog, Eerstepunt, In memoriam, p47 beneficiary: Squatter warlord Jabulani Mdlalose, p49

Hall, H L & Sons, Nelspruit Citrus Estates, R63-million 6000 ha citrus estate to Mdluli clan

- tons of citrus fruit rotting without being harvested

- now under control of private management company which pays tribe R1,5-m lease

Hluhluwe Water Project Dam p52 R11-million

Inyaka/Waterval/Zoeknog coffee estates, Lebowa R6-million 1000 ha R3,2-m turnover in 1996

- invaded by squatters, everything stripped, no coffee grown

Isidingo, Stormberg, Jim Tukani R250,000 240 ha

Kangkwane homeland farms p113 250 ha

Khajadira Farm Limpopo p137 R3,1-million 299 ha citrus farm for 230 families

- tribal leader used their 230 title deeds to buy his own hotel and bottle store:

Klipfontein Dam squatter camp; R40-million

see p50-51 see squatter warlord Mdlalose, Johannes

Kgalagadi Natonal Park San - Khomani San tribe p151 R8-million (?) - 61,000 hectares (why did they pay

for State land?)

-- problems in 2004: per

-- Jan van der Westhuizen, chairman, Khomani San Communcal Property Association)

-- Philipa Holden, ecologist working with the San: "it is incomprehensible that the govenrment hands over property

worth millions of rand sto a community but fails to ensure they ahve the support and -- training to run the farms..." p151

- tribe has no motorised transport but has to manage a 61,000 hectare region

- farm infrastructure has collapsed,

- no livestock because broken water pumps

- game is dead from thirst and poaching,

- tribe lives off pensions from the elderly, in dire poverty

Kromkrans, Hendrina R12-million 2000 ha for 600 families

La Boheme, Tzaneen mango farm R14-million 3000 ha for 3000 land claimants

- no farming being done, farm looted and deserted

Lambasi Project, Lusikisiki, p71 R1,5-billion 2000 ha (profit: R127,000)

Leeupoortjie see Botshabelo) p27 R2-million 428 ha

Levubu Valley, Limpopo (former Venda homeland)

see AgriVen Agricultural Training Centre

see Barotta Fruit Farm p97 R12-million

see Tsianda Fruit Farm p97

see Nwanedi project p97

Lisbon dairy farm beneficiary Kahmbi Tribal authority R12-million 2,000 ha p49

Lisbon Citrus and Mango Estate, Limpopo p125 R45-million largest exporter of Mangoes, bankrupt in


- incurred R20-million loss in 2000

- Boyes management company now leases estate from tribe and exports successfully again

Magwa Tea Estate, Lusikisiki p57 R10,6-million "

Magwa Tea Estate, Lusikisiki p54 R20-million 2,500 ha

Maluleke Land Claim, Kruger Park R21-million 15,000 ha to 1700 families, Timber


Matumi Botanical Arboretum nursery p15 privately funded by commercial farmer Mike Amm, p1-15 handed to

1400 tribal families

- arboretum no longer exists.

Melkspruit, p70, Aliwal North irrigation project R800,000 859ha

Mpumalanga LRAD programme

- Season-25 Farming Consultants, Michelle Burns, p25/26:

" land programme is a shambles in Mpumalanga"

Mpumalanga Land Bank loans for land redistribution : R476-million Land Bank capital loan for land

redistribution projects raised from IMF

Ncora/Tsomo River Irrigation Scheme (dairies) R19,5-million 5,700 ha

Ncora/Tsomo River Irrigation Scheme (dairies) R10-million "

Nkomazi Irrigation Scheme R37-million cost

Nkomazi Irrigation Scheme R70-million loan from Land Bank to 241 new farmers raised

from IMF

North Pondoland Sugar p58

Northridge, Ceres citrus farm p145 R2-million 1,500 ha, for 148 new owners, Nov

2002 (SundayTimes)

-- placed under provisional liquidation in June 2003, debt: R4,5-m

Paprika Projects Northern Cape, Goodhouse R50-million 550 ha paprika cannot grow in 50

deg C heat

-- Goodhouse is the hottest place in South Africa where temperatures often reach 50 deg C heat

-- Paprika grows successfully at temperatures not exceeding 32 deg C

-- In June 2004, questions were asked by MP N Mack of the ANC, Karoo region, about the failure of these

projects in parliament:

-- See:

Pilgrimsrest farm, Steynsburg: p71 R800,000 60 ha

- no farming is taking place

Qamata Irrigation Scheme p62 R8,2-million 3,600 ha

Queenstown: p 64,65

Roodevaal Farm, given to Makotopong tribe R11-million 3,600 ha, R4-m annual turnover

farm, paid R200,000 taxes annually

- now all irrigation equipment destroyed, no farming taking place

- community demands R4-m from government to replace stolen equipment

Rolf Flowers p19 R12-million 100 ha

-- abandoned project

Search for tribal graves on SA farms for land claims: R40-million University of South Africa project

Shiolo Project p63 fruit orchards abandoned R10-million 600 ha

Soekmekaar farm citrus project May 2001 p135 R2,1-million 600 ha, 137 workers got R350,000

Land Bank loan

- granadilla plantation has disappeared, sprinkler system sold off, now about 3 people left on farm

State Land: 45% of al fallow Limpopo land belongs to the State but only 2% is available for redistribution: (p106)

Toekomsrust Smallholders Trust, WC R940,000 30-ha

-- 47 smallholdings - carved up from 30-ha farm Groenfontein

- today farm is inoperative due to overgrazing +R100,000 consultants fees

Thembulethu vegetable farm, George R8-million 23-ha handed to 15 smallholders.

- now inactive, smallholders have all left

Tzaneen, Letsitele Valley, Limpopo Province p1 - R43-million 1,400 ha

Tutu, Trevor, catfish farm breeding project in Karoo p119 R2,7-million 700 ha (2 farms purchased by DLA)

-- no catfish farming is taking place in this desert region, catfish found in every lake and stream of South Africa

for free

Wakkerstroom R270,000 370 ha

Western Cape Agri-WC congress, September 2003:

- Some 80% of all the government's land reform projects for smallholders end up as failures: p-141

Western Cape Agricultural training budget for 2003/4: R24-million funding from European Community

Zebediela Citrus Estate, Limpopo, p122/124 handed over free 2,260ha losing R35-million export

trade a year

Zebediela Citrus Estate, Limpopo, viability study: R300,000 bankrupt in March 2001

- Boyes management company now leases estate from local tribe and exports some citrus again

former commercial farmers, land beneficiaries, politicians:

Amm, Mike, p1

Baleta, Maggie p4

Barlow, Arthur, p30 - Mpumalaganga Heritage Foundation

Birkenstock, Johan, p42, Forlorn Hope, KZN

Birkenstock, Johan, p43, Waterval (rental farm:) see Mdlalose, Jabulani, p38

Birkenstock, Johan, p43, Roodepoort (rental farm) see Mdlalose, Jabulani, p38

Boyes, John - manages Zebedielah citrus estate on 15-year management contract (oct 2003) p129/130

Boyes Group Henley Properties pays R1-m a year to Bjatladi tribe to lease Zebedielah Citrus Estate p131

Cocks, Michele, agricultural researcher, Institute of Social and Economic Research, viciously assaulted, p74

Du Toit, Boetie, p116

-- Blaauwpoort tobacco farm, lost R2,5-m in turnover, told to stop farming by Land Affairs, p116

Farrow, Stuart, p57,

see Sept 19 2002, failure of Magwa Tea Estate, top secret memo

see p68 invasion of Peter Wylie's farm and murderous attack by squatters

Galahitiyawa, Henry, manager of Magwa Tea Estate, p59 life-threatening situation

Gathman, Günther, Kranskop, descended from German missionaries in 1856, lost four family members to armed


Greyling, Kerneels p37 see Vryheid

Grundy, Dr Ilsa, University of Stellenbosch agricultural researcher, viciously assaulted, left to die p74

Hanekom, Derek, Agri-minister, p59, promised R11-m to Magwa Tea Estate workers back pay

Hills, Bonnie, Mooifontein p45

Hegeler, Heinrich, Nellie's Rust, p45

Hohls, Edsel, VP, KAN Agricultural Union, p79, on cattle-borne diseased cattle of invading squatters, see Kranskop p77-


Hoffman, Stephen, Levubu Valley Farmers'Association p105/106

see Tshiombo Irrigation Scheme, p105 (mangos)

see Mutale river, p1

Holden, Philipa: p151

-- see: Ecologist working with the Khomani San: p151

-- see: court ordered government to appoint a manager for the Khomani-San's farms, but this has not happened (p152)

-- see: Ramakarene, Sugar, p151

McCain farming group, R1,4-m investment in irrigation scheme, Bronkhorstpruit, denied water rights p61

Mamase, Max, Eastern Cape MEC, Magma Tea Estate failure, p56

Scheepers, Koos, Brakspruit, p45

Jaarsveld, van, Steve and Fanie, p44, squatter invasion April 2002, farm attack June 2002

see farm Wanbestuur, p44

see farm Metzelfontein, p45

see Mdlalose, Jabulani, p37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44

see Dunn family

Kotze, Dirk, p43, Palmietfontein, also see Mdlalose, Jabulani: farm attack 6 Feb 2003 p44

Martin, Herman, financial manager, Northbridge farm, Ceres, p148

Mdlalose, Johannes and Jabulani, p38, see Vryheid

Mphele, Richard, Cosatu trade union, p30 see Broodboomkrans, see Palmietfontein, see Roodepoort

Merwe, vd, Bertus, Vryheid, dangerous situation Vryheid-Babanango road, properties invaded, p46

Meyer, Edwin, farm Olifantshoek, 1200 ha, cattle, committed suicide after squatters threats to kill him, p80

see Induna killed by squatters, p80, farm abandoned to squatters

Molapo, Phogiso p9

Mokono, Mashile, land claims commissioner, Limpopo p102

see "production must not be disturbed by land transfers" p101/102

see Agr-Ven p101/103

Motsoaledi, Dr Aaron, Limpopo MEC agriculture, p128:

- see: claims "big five" citrus estates were "a huge success":

- see Zebediela, Gillemberg, Lison, Mutale and Munumzwu

- see Soekmekaar farm citrus project May 2001 p135

- "Multi-million Rand projects collapsed because beneficiaries did not know what to do with the money" :


- "of R1-billion spent in one year no significant outcome could be noticed." p138

Mudau, Jansen, black cash-crop farmer, Levubu Valley, p105 - apprehensive of thieves

Nel, Wessel, DA-MP, p39,

see Vryheid, see Greyling, Kerneels

Onrust, Paul, chairman, Northbridge Farm Community Board, placed under liquidation, p147

Ramakarene, Sugar, p151 -

-- Free State/Northern Cape Commissioner of land affairs:

- "the government knows about the problems the Khomani San people have to run their Kgalagadi National

Park farms:

- "the point of land re distribution is to give the community their land, not run it for them." p151

Ranthla, Miza, ANC chairwoman of CPA, 'farming with pigs at Botshabelo', p34

Redinger, Friedel: "execution by local commuity policing forum members in 1998 directly linked to land dispute

(ISS report)" p83

Roux, le, Bertie, pioneer macadamia farmer, Levubu, p103; p107: created entire macadamia farm industry in South Africa

see: Le Roux's parents hired labour from Malawi, Mozambique in 1940 because there were so few local


Season-25 Farming Consultants, Michelle Burns, p25/26:

-- says LRAD- R50-million land programme is a shambles in Mpumalanga

Singh, Narend, provincial agricultural minister p45, see Mdlalose, Jabulani, p45

Slabbert, Jan, MP, p43, 45Druten p77

Sneddon, Hall Citrus Estates deal, p117,

-- 4200 employees benefit from huge settlement with government -now estate is in ruins

Spears, Peter, poaching on his Hectorspruit near Kangwane homeland has destroyed all wildlife, p117

Surendorff, Manfred, p77

see Ndimande, Sibongiseni Duncan,

see poacher Njabulo Bhengu shot dead on Druten, farm of Manfred Surendorff

Swanepoel, Andre, KZN death threats after trying to stop illegal squatters, p84

Syster, Nicolaas, p145, Northridge Farm, Ceres

Thomas International, private consultants called in to rescue Northridge Farm, Ceres, p146

Titus, Aletta, Elandskloof farm, p144

Tongaat Hulett sugar company withdrew support from Dunn-Zulu families of Mangete, p 89

Trollip, Athol, DA, oct 2003 Magwa tea estate failure, p56

Tooley, Noel, p5

Tutu, Trevor, R2,6-million catfish breeding project - two farms purchased p 89

Westhuizen, Jan van der, p150

-- see: chairman, Khomani San Communcal Property Association (See Kgalagadi - Khoma San tribe p150-151

-- see: Philipa Holden, ecologist working with the San:

"it is incomprehensible that the govenrment hands over property worth millions of rands to a community but fails to

ensure they ahve the support and training to run the farms..." p151

Whissom, Michael, Prof, DA p67 re Grahamstown dairy farmer besieged by squatter army

Williams, Chris, Rural Action Committee director, p117 :

-- Hall Citrus Estate R63-m purchase for Mdluli clan is a "huge settlement" which sets a dangerous

precedent... p117

Wustefield-Jansens, Kevin, consultant for failing Northridge Farm, Ceres, p146. p147, received R3000 a day

Wright, Gavin, partner consultant for failing Northridge Farm, Ceres, p147, received R12,000 a month

Wylie, Peter, p67, under siege by squatter army also see Wisson, Michael, Prof, DA

Wylie, Peter Sr, p68, murdered on farm by squatters

farm names:

Allandale Estate, p125

Boomplaats - p110, 3100 ha, Mpumalanga

see Pretorius, Willem, 17 march 2001 London Daily Telegraph

Berlyn Citrus estate, p125

Broodboomkrans, p30

see Mphele, Richard, p30

Deeside, p64

Drummond, p64

Druten p77

see Ndimande, Sibongiseni Duncan,

see poacher Njabulo Bhengu shot dead on farm of Manfred Surendorff

Eerstepunt, p47 beneficiary: Squatter warlord Jabulani Mdlalose, p49

Elandskloof citrus farm, Cedarberg, Western Cape: p145

Enable p6

Ensam p64

Gillemberg Citrus and Cattle Farm Project, p125

glendale Estate, p125

Groenfontein, see Botshabelo p26

Hectorspruit near Kangwane homeland, poaching destroyed all wildlife, p117/8

In Memoriam, p47 beneficiary: Squatter warlord Jabulani Mdlalose, p49

Kanuna p64

Kangwane homeland farms, p113

Khajadira Farm Limpopo p137

Koffiefontein, p65

Kranskop, p76, farmed by Günther Gathmann, who has lost four family members in armed attacks

Kranskop farms, p76, eleven farmers murdered, farmers committing suicide and vacating farms;

Kranskop farms, 62 farms confiscated for land reform p76

Kromellenboog,p 47 beneficiary: Squatter warlord Jabulani Mdlalose, p49

Kruger National Park -

see: Spears: "wildlife being destroyed by tens of thousands of poachers", p119

Leeupoortjie, see Botshabelo p26

Letsitele Valley farms p2

Lisbon Citrus and Mango Estate, p124

Mamathola-609 p9

Mamathola-635 p6

Mariyeni Estate, p125

Melkspruit, p70, 869 ha, Aliwal North

Merino Rust, p65

Matumi Botanical Garden p15

Metz p6

Mt.Hopley p64

Murlebrook p1 - also see Matatumi Botanical Garden p15

- also see International Dendrology Association p15

Northridge Citrus Farm, Ceres, p145

Olifantshoek, 1200 ha, cattle, farmer Edwin Meyer committed suicide after squatters threats to kill him, p80

Palmietfontein p43

Poplar Grove p64

Roodepoort p43

Saringwa Citrus and Mango Estate, p125

Spes Bona p64

Zebedielah Citrus Estate, p122-125

"Landless People's Warlords undertaking land invasions" and

•"Police refusal to intervene in illegal land invasions of commercial farms:

Agriculture employed 10% of working popuilation throughout South Africa: p140 (oct 2001)

Agriculture employed 17,8% of Limpopo working population, p140 (oct 2001)

Carving up valuable agricultural land to house the poor: p143

Commercial farm land lost to KZN land invaders: 250,000 hectares since 1995: p82

Cost of security for KZN farmers: R60-m a year: p83

Cost of squatter invasions to government: R100-million a year in lost taxes due to besieged/abandoned farms in KZN

De Haas, Mary, ISS Report on Land Invasions, p82, "unstoppable if police do nothing: "

Duminy, Jaco, p 47, Vryheid Farmers' Association, R80,000 restraining order against land invaders p46-47

see Mdlalose, Jabulani, letter to Dept Land Affairs Feb 2003, Othaka Tribal Authority, p47

Dunn, Patricia, descendant of 19th century British KZN chief John Dunn, p86-89,

- see victim of land invaders, Tugela/Mangete land deeded by Zuli King Cetshwayo p87

Failure of Police to act against illegal land invasions crucial to rural violence: ISS report p92

Fourie, Willie, Glen Craig farm, besieged, p68, sold to Department of Land Affairs

Grahamstown, p67: Sept 2003 siege of farmer Peter Wylie by squatter army also see Wisson, Michael, Prof, DA

Greyling, Kerneels p37 see Vryheid

Hills, Bonnie, Mooifontein p45

Hegeler, Heinrich, Nellie's Rust, p45

Hohls, Edsel, VP, KZN Agricultural Union, p79: on cattle-borne diseased cattle of invading squatters,

see Kranskop p77-79.

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Institute of Security Studies: 37 chieftaincies (half-million people) surround 200 farmers"

see Kranskop/Greytown district: p81

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see farm Wanbestuur, p44

see farm Metzelfontein, p45

see Mdlalose, Jabulani, p37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44

see Dunn family

Jager, de, Piet, murdered farmer, Levubu, Sept 27 2003 by squatters over land dispute, p98/99

- see government statement "wites stole the land and have no rights", p100

Kangwane homeland farms, p113 250 hectare farm overrun by squatters,

Khathi, Joseph, local KZN warlord called "The Terror", called for "removal of all whites" p84

Kriel, Rev Petrus p100

see "please leave commercial farmers alone", p100

see " if Levubu is given away it will be a squatter camp in five years..."p 100

Lisbon dairy farm see Kahmbi Tribal authority p49

Mangete Land Owners'Assocation - see Dunn, p 88

'we were not white enough for the previous government and not black enough for this one"...

Makhana Council buying farms for squatter occupation p68

Mathaba, warlord terrorising Dunn-Zulu tribes -

see Dunn family p86-90

see Truth and Reconciliation Commission: found to be main leader of murder squads

Mdlalose, Jabulani, p42 see Vryheid,

see Othaka Tribal Authority, p42

see van Jaarsveld, Steve and Fanie, p44

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Murders: more than 7000 people a year are murdered in KZN, p83

Ndimande, Sibongiseni Duncan, shot dead poacher Njabulo Bhengu on farm of Manfred Surendorff (Druten) p77

Ngubane, Nyango, KZN MEC 'land invasions will nto be tolerated", p81

Numdzivhadi, Dr Henry, Venda historian, p100

see "Venda being stolen blind" p100/100

Olifantshoek, 1200 ha, cattle, farmer Edwin Meyer committed suicide after squatters threats to kill him, p80

Qamata Irrigation Scheme p62

Scheepers, Koos, Brakspruit, p45

Queenstown: p 64

see: farms Deeside, Drummond, Spes Bona, Eensaam, Kanuna, Mt Hopley and Poplar Grove, sheep and cattle farms,

turned into squatter camps

Umbogazi, chief Michael, warlord, rents out land not belonging to him to squatters at R1500 per plot: p91

see Dunn family p91

Venda "being stolen blind" page 100

see Numdzivhadi, Dr Henry, Venda historian,

Verulam, Indian market gardeners targetted by vilence and murder p91

Rural poverty traps: people starving to death on arable land:

Greyling, Kerneels, p37, see Vryheid

Mamase, Max, MEC, Dept of Agriculture's 4000 excess staff,but people starving to death on viable farms, p73

Top soil 3 metres deep in fertile Levubu Valley yet people starving to death on viable farms, p106

Tshriombo Irrigation Sc15/06/2004 's destruction by incompetent farmers who are starving to death on viable farms, p106

Tribes visited which had received land:

Banareng ba ga Letsoalo p11 R4,5-m Letsitele Valley Farms 1,400 ha

Guba/Omdwe tribe: Eastern Cape, p66

Makotopong tribe , Roodpoort p43

Mamathola p2 R4,5-m Lesitele Valley Farms 1,400 ha

Mamathola p6 R5,0-m Metz and Enable farms, 7,000 ha

Mdlalose, p38, see Vryheid 5,000 ha

Othaka Tribal Authority, see Mdlalose, Jabulani, p42

Ramohlakane land claim, Botshabelo p26 R1,75m Groenfontein farm, 600 ha

Ravele /Mphephu Tribal land claims, (Venda) Levubu :

see: 6000 Boers owned large tracts of Levubu from 1871: p108

Rozvi-Karanga (tribe from Zimbabwe) Levubu land claim:

see Louis Trichardt/Makhado, p94

see: Boers owned large tracts of Levubu land from 1871: p108

San - Khomani tribe, Northern Cape:

see: p150 - 36,000 hectares, Kgalagadi National Park

Funding sources:

Food & Agriculture Organisation, UN report Dec 20000 IPTRID, irrigation schemes in Eastern Cape a failure p72

European Community p111 p64 p108, p43, p11, p37

Ford Foundation of America p31 see Botshabelo

Middelburg municipality p33 Botshabelo Fort Merensky Heritage Site

US Agency for International Development -Agri-Link p66

see Mtwa, Felix, Merino Rust, 780 ha funded by Industrial Development Program p33 see Botshabelo

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